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This section update what has been added,modified or enhanced with date indicated                                                            
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Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the  imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Sunshine Pte Ltd is used as a demo company, for illustration purpose only, to display of report and screen shot samples purpose.
Some names and identifying details (addresses, contact number) have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Any resemblance to building names, addresses, actual persons (living or dead ), or actual events is purely coincidental.


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As at:

01/11/2022 - Search button box can search all fields in customer master, supplier master, chart of accounts, sales entry, purchase entry


29/09/2022 - Realtimme cloud is now an approved vendor under Productivity software grant listing (PSG approved vendor) by IMDA SME Go-digital initiative

19/09/2022 - GST rate change to 8% wef 1 Jan 2023

15/09/2022 - Changed support whatsApp number to +65 8376 2989

12/07/2022 - Stock Reorder report name had been changed to Stock Forecast Report

01/06/2022 - Customer detailed aging with notes

07/04/2022 - Added Customer PO number in Sales order summary screen (before clicking [Add])

23/03/2022 - Removed [Add] button in chart of accounts, use [Copy] button to create new accounts

21/03/2022 - Rename receipt icon from [Add Cust] to [From Cust] and [Add GL] to [Others]

19/03/2022 - Rename payment icon from [Add Supp] to [Pay Supp] and [Add GL] to [Others]

18/03/2022 - Print payment advice to your supplier

25/02/2022 - Bank Reconciliation with [last three month] and [All] tabs

25/02/2022 - Dual UOM with variable weight per piece for seafood business

26/11/2021 - Realtimme cloud is one of the software listed on IRAS' Accounting Software Register+ ("ASR+") Tier 2

11/10/2021 - What's new button added at Realtimme icon for user easy access

20/09/2021 - Payment Mode in Receipt / Payment module, will automatically be ticked in Bank reconciliation

16/09/2021 - Check your latest program update

30/08/2021 - GL Enquiry and Customer Activity, Supplier Activity and GL Activity Report added [Transaction period]

15/08/2021 - Realtimme Cloud is InvoiceNow ready...all you want to know and ask about InvoiceNow (IMDA)

15/08/2021 - Added a separate [Postal code] field in Customer master and Supplier master [Address] tab,  for InvoiceNow use

01/08/2021 - Sample default document format available now in


23/07/2021 - Notes entered in chart of accounts, now displayed at GL enquiry

20/07/2021 - [Copy] button added in Purchase Journal to repeat billing from the same supplier

09/07/2021 - Added default purchase measure by 1st or 2nd UOM and default sales measure by 1st or 2nd UOM

01/07/2021 - WhatsApp support is using app to have more than one support staff to answer concurrently, your WhatsApp support                

25/06/2021 - Added new user group [CSP] or corporate service provider for seamless filing purpose

10/06/2021 - Enter the amount inclusive of GST in Customers'  Credit Journal
10/06/2021 - Enter the amount inclusive of GST in Supplier's Credit Journal

10/06/2021 - Added user id , create date, edit date in chart of accounts

10/06/2021 - Added Transaction date button in selected reports


27/05/2021 - Added filter for class code in GL activity report

01/05/2021- [Copy] button added in Sales Journal to repeat billing of same customer

01/04/2021 - Allow same UEN number if same customer account with different currency or different outlet locations

01/03/2021 - [Copy] button to facilitate speed creation of multiple fixed asset of the same thing

25/02/2021 - GL Journal added 3 new tabs, [Last 3 months], [Opening]. [All]

08/02/2021 - Revamped Realtimme website
25/01/2021 - Listed as one of the vendors for seamless filing of annual returns to ACRA

25/01/2021 - Listed as one of the vendors for seamless filing of corporate form C-s to IRAS

12/01/2021 - Print quotation with stock picture

30/12/2020 - Copy Quotation

30/12/2020 - Copy Customer Invoice

30/12/2020 - Copy GL Journal

23/12/2020 - Print your PEPPOL id on your invoice

09/12/2020 - Added user group [CSP] in user group control

09/12/2020 - Updated GST tax rate table ...To Date (previously ended 31/12/2020) to 31/12/2025

05/09/2020 - Added due date in customer and supplier detailed aging report

01/09/2020 - Added Brand in stock master

31/08/2020 - Watch video is now replaced with the icon  

02/07/2020 - Added new field in company profile for bank information, to be printed on invoice

30/06/2020 - Sale Entry and Purchase Entry screen removed fields of [Payment Term,  Freight Term, customer department]

28/06/2020 - Field name [Inactive] was changed to [Hide] , using more user-friendly word

28/06/2020 - Field name [Fax No] was changed to [Mobile No.] to better reflect the changing mode of communication

20/05/2020 - Realtimme Cloud achieved 5 ticks for the recommended features by IRAS-GST
20/05/2020 - When recording foreign currency transaction, if currency rate is not set, system will prompt to take last month rate
20/05/2020 - When print aging report (Customer/Supplier) system take last month rate if current month exchange rate is not entered yet.


12/05/2020 - Introduction to PEPPOL, company PEPPOL id added in company profile
12/05/2020 - Customer PEPPOL id , bank id and bank account number field added
12/05/2020 - Supplier PEPPOL id, bank id and bank account number field
12/05/2020 - Stock code mapping to supplier stock code for PEPPOL import
12/05/2020 - Lock date for GL/AR/AP combined into one single lock date - Accounts
12/05/2020 - Copy button added in Customer Master to create second account of an existing customer
12/05/2020 - Copy button added in Supplier Master to create a second account of the existing supplier
12/05/2020 - Currency rate setting added a new button [Paste to exchange rate]

25/04/2020 - Enhanced excel friendly report in GL ledger when exported to excel in single line

15/04/2020 - ACRA annual returns filing for active or dormant companies without financial statement via Realtimme Cloud seamless filing

08/04/2020 - Financial period allowed to set from 18 months to 20 months

08/04/2020 - New [Copy] button in chart of accounts to replicate new accounts by changing account name and code (less steps)


02/03/2020 - GST: e-tax guide for Customer Accounting for Prescribed Goods (5th Edition)

01/03/2020 - Look out for this icon for tips and great suggestions


24/01/2020 - Anydesk remote support added

01/01/2020 - Realtimme Cloud Accounting software 3.00 is one of the software listed on IRAS Accounting Software Register (ASR) with the following updated features 

                (i) GST Filing Reminder

(ii) GST Automated Blocked Input Tax Claims

(iii) Reverse Charge

(iv) Overseas Vendor Registration Regime for Electronic Marketplace operators

(V) GST Registration Reminder



16/12/2019 - Default tax code set in chart of accounts

15/12/2019 - If you enter your company GST registration number at your company profile, the number will be displayed at the header


12/11/2019 - Upload Paynow QR quote to be printed in Sales Tax  invoice


28/07/2019 - Import monthly purchases of goods and services into Purchase Journal using excel template (most suitable for corporate service provider)

28/07/2019 - Import monthly sales into Sales Journal using excel template (most suitable for corporate service provider)

20/07/2019 - Chart of Account Bank description auto update when select bank fast code in receipt or payment module

15/07/2019 - User Plan comparison

08/07/2019 - Prepare your stock opening balance using pre-fill template  (For new subscribers only)

08/07/2019 - Prepare your stock listing  in excel spreadsheet, from your current system and Import  into Realtimme cloud. (For new subscribers only)


08/07/2019 - For new subscribers only, Import and map your current chart of accounts to Realtimme standard chart of accounts
08/07/2019 - Prepare your GL journal b/f value  in pre-fill spreadsheet and import into Realtimme Cloud (For new subscribers only)

08/07/2019 - Prepare your 10,000 customers' contact lists in excel spreadsheet, or from your current system and Import  into Realtimme cloud. (For new subscribers only)
08/07/2019 - Prepare all your customers' opening balances in excel spreadsheet from the prescribed template and import into Realtimme Cloud (For new subscribers only)

08/07/2019 - Prepare your 10,000 suppliers' contact lists in excel spreadsheet or from your current system and import into Realtimme cloud. (For new subscribers only)
08/07/2019 - Prepare all your your suppliers' opening balances in excel spreadsheet from the prescribed template and import into Realtimme Cloud (For new subscribers only)

01/04/2019 - Click the link in our support email to launch Realtimme WhatsApp support

23/03/2019 - Profit & Loss - modified to print option with percentage

16/03/2019 - Revamped website

11/03/2019 - Enhanced bank recon to allow edit Receipt or payment after bank reconciliation to change account code or offset invoice only. Bank and amount remains unchanged.

11/03/2019 - GL ledger report format include option to have format to be excel friendly when export report to excel, as single line without the 2nd row remarks

11/03/2019 - For customer accounting purpose, Customer returned goods can import full invoice content for a full refund. Reissue of the same by using recurring and remove the relevant items

01/02/2019 - Launched Realtimme Fixed Assset website


15/01/2019 - Stock closing value report performance enhanced from 20 min to 2 min for option by order of stock code and stock group.

12/01/2019 - Launching of Realtimme Cloud Community forum

08/01/2019 - Realtimme Cloud is now able to transmit GST Returns and listing within the GST report via API


02/01/2019 - Customers  and suppliers' company registration number (UEN) now display on the summary screen.

05/12/2018 - Rest API available for 3rd party integration

01/12/2018 - Mandatory company UEN number in customer and supplier master (Singapore users only)


07/09/2018 - GL journal limited to 2 Opening balance (When migrate from other system)        

07/09/2018 - Added new reference number in Suppliers' Debit Journal and Suppliers' Credit Journal

04/09/2018 - Added [Auto Offset] button in Receipt and Payment Module to cut down data entry time


14/08/2018 - Profit & Loss yearly comparison report enhanced with improved performance from 15 minutes to 2 minutes

01/08/2018 - Fixed Asset Opening New button added to allow batch process of balance brought forward from previous period
01/08/2018 - Fixed Asset Schedule Generator New button added to allow batch process of monthly depreciation schedule
01/08/2018 - Fixed Asset Batch Delete schedule - New button added to allow batch delete of monthly depreciation schedule
01/08/2018 - Fixed Asset batch disposal - New button added to allow batch disposal

30/07/2018 - Asset transfer version 2 updated to allow transfer from location to location and / or from employee to employee

30/07/2018 - Company information maintain at Company profile instead of stock warehouse master, will auto update to the default warehouse 1


27/06/2018 - Renewal application received from IRAS on 15 Apr 2018 is successful
                     The accounting software Realtimme Cloud Solutions, Version, will continue to be listed on the IRAS Accounting Software Register from 27 Jun 2018 to 31 Dec 2019.


20/06/2018 - Multiple language translation Choose your lanaguage (Khmer, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese, Simplied / Traditional Chinese etc) user screen interface for non-English users.

16/05/2018 - Malaysia GST announcement  and auto update of tax rate before 1st June 2018

15/05/2018 - Added [Document Date] field in Supplier Invoice, Purchase Journal , Supplier Debit Journal, Credit Journal and Returned Out. Required by IRAS

15/04/2018 - Submission to IRAS for GST F5 compliance to Customer accounting for prescribed goods

14/05/2018 - Realtimme Cloud change logo


01/04/2018 - Launched Realtimme MCST website


01/03/2018 - Retail POS can be in offline mode, auto sync SKU from HQ to outlet. Sales and daily settlement sync to HQ at end day process. (Please consult)


01/02/2018 - Added WhatsApp service to user who have challenge in composing an email (non - English speaking and written users)  or video recording of their data entry.

                    WhatsApp to +65 9138 7918


14/08/2017 - Bank reconciliation with sub-total of receipt and payment as each roll is ticked,

14/08/2017 - Currency table display the [Current] 12 period exchange rate , [All] tab display all periods

07/08/2017- Customer Group, Supplier Group, added [Active] [Inactive] [All] tab

07/08/2017 - Supplier Contract start date and end date to prevent billing beyond contract date. Attach supplier contract in supplier master

07/08/2017 - [Save & Exit] button added in some selected module to speed up data entry work.


17/07/2017- Purchase journal added a new field to display last invoice number of the same supplier

14/07/2017- Bank reconciliation enhanced to refresh any new records or edited records when returned to continue your reconciliation.


29/06/2017 - Enhanced purchase journal [Recurring] button to filter and display only same supplier earlier records

29/06/2017 - Employee master added date of birth


06/06/2017 - Replaced the exchange rate link from Yahoo Exchange   to


13/04/2017 - Exchange stocks with customer or supplier without affecting accounts

10/04/2017 - Stock take device with import file gets pulled into Stock Journal


18/03/2017 - Itemised payroll in excel import function for 10 employees or more

14/02/2017- Decommissioning of Live Chat. Replaced by Teamviewer chat. Our support team will initiate a live chat or speak to you online.


18/11/2016 - GST report able to print by order of the F5 box ( For Singapore users only, Malaysia users akan datang)

06/09/2016 - Use template to import records into supplier delivery order or supplier invoice

27/08/2016 - You can now add your company logo to your Purchase Order, Quotation, Sales order, Delivery order, Customer Invoice, statement of accounts etc.

23/08/2016 - Windows 10 is strict with security in user machine. Please download and install Realtimme to get auto update of program and report files.
                    New path is now C:\RealtimmeCloud.

23/08/2016 - System detected new format ready for download. Auto update of report format / document format

28/07/2016 - Document types able to handle "." (full stop) as thousand separator and "," (comma) as decimal point  and  For example Indonesia 1.000.000,00 instead of 1,000,000.00

25/07/2016 - GL payment display chart of accounts code with currency code screen display currency code of the foreign currency accounts.

21/07/2016 - Windows defender in Win 10 may be scanning RealtimmeCloud,slowing down your system. Set Exclusion rule in Windows defender to enhance performance

20/07/2016 - Update of new tax code for Malaysia users as required by JKDM (Malaysia Custom Department),

15/07/2016 - POS settlement for cash payment mode, added [Auto] function, system will select the denomination, user can choose not to match the physical notes

01/07/2016 - Mid night sales on/off button for 24hour retail shop or shift change (from 0000hr to 0359hr)

01/06/2016 - Realtimme Cloud solution version is now listed in the IRAS ' Accounting Software Register ("ASR") from 1st June 2016 to 28th Feb 2017
                    Existing users will be updated with the changes . Row 40


25/05/2016 - Company registration number for customer and supplier is now mandatory in the card file

21/03/2016 - New setup files for new or re-installation to include crystal report 13.0 updates and ,net ver 4.0. No action required for existing user

02/03/2016 - Added Realtimme Calendar , set your task and you or your colleagues will not missed out any datelines, renewal notices,


20/02/2016 - Print itemised payslip With effect from 1st April 2016, MOM Employment Act-Singapore's main labour law to have    
                  compulsory itemised payslip given to employee.

28/01/2016 - Click on the Facebook icon to check out what is new and news

25/01/2016 - Payment voucher approval, to all bosses, you can now e-sign (approve) the payment from anywhere, no more paper and

22/01/2016 - You can now attach your supplier pdf invoice or a picture file into your Purchase Journal, supplier invoice, payment entry,
                     bank reconciliation etc, for record and subsequent viewing purposes.



21/10/2015 - You can now edit payment or receipt after bank recon had been done.

20/10/2015 - Added new column in Customer invoice screen to display customer reference number (Purchase Order)

15/09/2015 - Print your active (top 10) or non-active (lowest 5) customer by sales, number is user-defined

10/09/2015 - Print a Delivery order from stock journal if you are giving out free sample or replacement of stocks to your customer.

24/08/2015 - Malaysia GST, bank charge sen, not 0.06 sen, if bank charge is 10 sen ,

31/07/2015 - Chart of accounts added check box to print selected accounts in summary

20/06/2015 - Enhanced 12 months Profit and Loss report to be printed within one A4 paper

25/05/2015 - GST-03 (Malaysia version) enhanced report for Tap return

11/05/2015 - GST in foreign currency for users whose functional currency is other than SGD

12/04/2015 - Auto append stock code to bar code for POS user

06/04/2015 - Cross rate for users with multiple foreign currency banks with inter-bank transfer

16/03/2015 - Purchase Journal added tax incl box , enter amount include GST and system regross figure before GST for you
15/03/2015 - Live Chat is now available to directly chat with our support if you encounter any issues when working on Realtimme (Not in use, replaced by WhatsApp 1/2/2018)

01/03/2015 - Users can now register with our helpdesk support to our ticketing system for each support request and track the status of the request


17/12/2014 - Chart of accounts is blocked from editing currency code even if no transaction is posted, now user can change.
                     No changes allowed if entries are made.

28/11/2014 - Realtimme cloud training videos are now available in

03/11/2014 - Print salary voucher when making monthly payroll entry in payment module

01/11/2014 - Revamped Realtimme website,

28/10/2014 - Realtimme Cloud is approved by Malaysia Custom JKDM to be GST compliance

06/10/2014 - Realtimme launcher to auto-update program when user login to system

01/10/2014 - Added currency code in employee master to pay employee in foreign currency for payroll purpose

30/09/2014 - Whole of September 2014, preparing a 2nd server at a different data centre with 10 x better than the current server.
                    The current server will be upgraded to be the same as the 2nd server by Nov 2014
                    User will still be paying the same fee, no increase. We review and invest in our infrastructure to give our users the best.

15/09/2014 - Like us in facebook to get the latest announcements, updates or news

10/08/2014 - Added search button in the helpfile to search for a specific keyword search

05/08/2014 - Remote support icon added, let our support staff to remote in to see your screen and assists in your query

05/08/2014 - One click auto installation and program update to solve different versions kept by all users

30/07/2014 - Release of Fixed Asset Register

16/07/2014 - Delete function in Chart of accounts disabled, user will inactive unused accounts instead

16/05/2014 - Profit & Loss. with percentage based on nett sales, updated

14/05/2014 - Sales and purchases entry added header with accounts type (local / overseas) to GL

04/05/2014 - Enhance Stock closing value report output from 45 min to below 20 sec for  100,000 Stock code size

30/04/2014 - Enhance Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet report output from 20 min to 20 sec 1000 accounts code

31/03/2014 - Web-help with training video attached

28/02/2014 - Warn user of user id and password being used to login from another computer

15/01/2014 - Self service training video portal


31/11/2013 - Same user id and password had been used at the same time and current user will be logged out


30/11/2012 - User Login Module, no dongle required. Login instances limited by number of users subscribed.
                    Allow unlimited installation but login control by the users subscribed.

20/10/2012 - Stock Journal & Stock Transfer, auto recalculate unit cost with the latest weighted average costing.
04/03/2012 - Fixed Asset module help file

25/02/2012 - GST Report, enhanced report format, selection of tax code limited to the relevant code to minimize input error

12/02/2012 - Update exchange gain/loss, revalue, stock aging write ups, added new search indexes

12/01/2012 - Customer Returned in with sales history display , last 5 transaction of the stock

11/01/2012 - Updated Customer credit limit, B01 level control


12/12/2011 - help file put up in the cloud to be shared out to all users of Realtimme Cloud Solutions


2000 - 2010 - Desktop version - Discontinued in 2010



1996 - 2000 - DOS based desktop screen



How to Get Help while You Are Working?

You can obtain help at any time by selecting [Help] button as shown below in the module that you are in.

Example below, when you at at the Customers' Credit Journal, you need help to learn the data entry or how to use or when to use this module, click [Help] button.


Email your queries to support department

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