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Note : This topic is for user assigned with the highest rights to the Realtimme Cloud system.


You could be the business owner  or management role of the company. You want to allow certain user group to access certain module or you want to block certain user group from accessing certain module

Example, accounts staff can only do data entry of the customer and supplier but cannot access general ledgers


: How to restrict user's access and rights to certain modules only



For illustration purpose, one of your user click [ G/L Journal]


A message will appear to warn the user, as shown below



Even if certain modules can be access by this user, you may also want to control whether the user can create (Add) a transaction or amend or change (Edit) an earlier created transaction, or view or reprint a document.


Click on any of this function below, (or Press Alt A, D, E, V, P on your keyboard)



If the user is not authorised, to Add,Delete, View or Print, the message below shall appear.



To set User Control Group for Access and Rights


First,  Identify which user group this user belongs to (see Fig 3 above)


Click [Setup] , click [User Control] ,



This user (Fig 3) belongs to the [Finance] user group



Exercise: Assuming you are setting the [Finance] rights and accesses.


At [Setup], click [User Group Control]



Follow the steps from [1] to [7]



Note: It is important that all groups must not have access to User Group control, User Control  as shown below, EXCEPT Supervisor group only.




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