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For Singapore users only

You can upload your Paynow QR code into your company profile. It will be printed on your Sales Invoice

Please ask for a quote if you want your QR code to be placed on other position of your document.

Step 1: At [ Setup ], select [ Company Profile ]



Highlight your company name, click [Edit]



Click on [Account Settings] tab, follow the steps from [1] to [4]

         At [4] Set the Filing cycle

a.[Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun,Jul-Sep,Oct-Dec] or
b.[Feb-Apr,May-Jul,Aug-Oct,Nov-Jan] or

          Read more...GST filing reminder


At Sales Journal, see print invoice


Invoice layout and design is for illustration purpose only. See sample format gallery
To customise to your company design or add second logo (example : ISO 90000X) please ask for a separate quote and charges shall apply at prevailing rate.



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