Filing annual returns (AR) to ACRA - without Financial Statement

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Learn how to do ACRA filing without financial statement for both active (solvent exempt private companies)  and dormant relevant companies

: Annual returns filing to ACRA without financial statement                     FAQ : Who needs to file finanical statement ? Source :ACRA


Step 1 : Go to , click on [Login]





Step 2: If you are a corporate service provider or a business owner, (You must be a user assigned as [CSP] user group]





Step 3: Follow the steps below        




Step 4: Login via Corpass, please get ready the UEN and corppass id and password from [1] to [8]





Step 5a: If the Lodger is the Corporate service provider...Click here...

              At [3] to [7] refer to how to pre-set filing agent number and lodger name



Step 5b: If the Lodger is the business owner...Click here...


Step 6 : Please review the pre-filled information to ensure it is still relevant. To update, please visit the BizFile+ portal to make the changes













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