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You have

1.To redesign the default print format (Sales Invoice, payment voucher, statement of accounts, etc) that is set to your company print form
( Note that format design charges may be applicable, please consult our support team)  
2.You had bought a new machine and want to install Realtimme cloud , or
3.You need to reinstall Realtimme Cloud in your existing notebook or computer.

The system will replace the standard format with your company's customised format without the need to contact our support team for assistance.


: How to update my document format

For illustration purpose, Sales Journal invoice format need some changes and it is ready to download,

On other occasion, you may request for some changes to your, for example,  invoice format printout. Once it is done, if you choose your invoice format, you will see the

same report update message. Click OK to continue.




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