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FAQ : Is our data backup?


Answer: Yes , your data is auto-backup everyday after 23.59 hours. A copy is sent out to another data centre and monitored by the management of Realtimme.

              The result of the backup will be notified on a daily basis, in a form of email to the relevant senior staff of Realtimme and to carry out follow up if necessary.

    We carry out  a child - father and grandfather backup. That is the last 30 days of daily backup are kept.

    For the child backup, daily backup for the current month are kept for 30 days
    For the father backup, the last day of each month for the last 12 months are kept only and the earlier 29 or 30 days are deleted.

          For the grandfather backup , we keep the calendar year end backup of the previous year.                

              Regular disaster recovery drill will be carried out to ensure that what is backup can be in use when restored back to the data centre and the staff can carry out

              the drill successfully.

: Daily backup


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