Bank Recon - Amend payment or receipt

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When edit a payment record or a receipt record of earlier month, where bank reconciliation had been done, a message will appear below.



FAQ : What if your bank reconciliation had been done and you need to amend the content of your receipt or payments of earlier month. Technically speaking, you should not be allowed to amend the transaction(s) as that will affect the subsequent bank reconciliation.

On Oct 2015, With some users feedback, we were persuaded to bend the rules a bit to allow to amend the bank related payments and receipts, on a condition that the bank account and amount is not allowed to change. Click [OK] to proceed to amend.

You can change the wrong offset invoice, add in more texts or remarks. System will warn you if you had changed any field that is not allowed that will affect the completed bank reconciliation.


1.For GL receipt, we allow user to change the GL credit account (bank Dr account not allowed) and

2. For GL payment, allowed to change the expenses (Debit) entry but not the credit bank account.

Solution : Do a reversal in the GL journal for your bank
                Dr Bank A
                Cr Bank B

    Being bank account wrongly posted, now reverse back


As at 11/03/2019,

Hope you like this new changes and up the users' experience


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