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As part of the terms and conditions in our subscription invoice, please refer to 5.21

5.21  Reports are designed based on best practices, Results may differ if it is  not intended use.


For example, statement of accounts is intended to print from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, or full month (like bank statement)

However, if user set print date from 1/5/2022 to 1/5/2022, the result may differ for amount payable when take into consideration the grace period.


Or GST input tax or output tax must be recorded as part of AR or AP sales or purchase respectively, but not in general ledger journal.

Your GST report will not include enteries entered in the GL journal



These are recommended practises that we would like our users to adopt so as to ensure that all records are kept both in the system and outside the system.
Also for control and audit purposes, these procedures would ensure the reliability and consistency of the data for archiving and/or for verification purposes
Please read the following topics

1) Daily Procedures

2) Weekly Procedures

3) Monthly Procedures

4) Print audit trail
5) Quarterly Procedures

6) Year End Procedures



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