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You can plan your forecast and put the value in your budget module, so that you can review your actual sales and expenses against the budget that you planned months ago.
Usually company will  plan the full year budget that spreads across each month before the start of the new financial year.


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Step 1: At [A/c Entry] , click on [Budget.


The tab showing [FP5] [FP4] [FP3] [FP2] [FP1] represents the financial year you set in the Financial period setting)

Step 2: Click [Add]


Step 3: Follow the steps 3.1 to 3.5



3.1 Enter the financial year (assuming [2])

3.2 Select the sales or expenses accounts code

3.3 a. For monthly budget, enter the monthly sales or expense value

3.3 b. For yearly budget, enter the full year sales or expense value (system will divide by 12 months and allocate to per month basis, ie 41,666.67)

3.4 Click on the [Formula] in 3a Select your option to be [Fixed], [Adjust by amount] or [Adjust by %].
                          or [Apply] in 3b

3.5 Click [Save]



        You can still change each month sales if there is an expected drop or spike in monthly sales.


Next, learn how to print Actual vs Budget Profit and Loss


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