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FAQ : We are now reporting our accounts in SGD and we need to change our reporting to USD in the coming financial period, but it is blocked and not able to edit


Answer: You will need to subscribe to a new set of accounts in USD currency . Please consult Realtimme Support team.

In order not to disrupt your day to day work, one month before your new financial year end starts, do the followings

1.Sign up a new set of accounts with Realtimme. Provide the support with the information of the year end, reporting currency etc
2.Once account is setup, do the migration of the customer, supplier , stock and chart of accounts into the new account
3.Your balance sheet will need to be converted to USD, using the month end rate ( consult your auditor )
4.Aging of customers and suppliers and stocks balances as at year end will be imported into the new accounts
a.General ledger balances brought forward
b.Customers outstanding balances brought forward
c.Suppliers outstanding balances brought forward
d.Stock balances brought forward  (Applicable for Premium and Professional Plan users only)


5.If you are GST registered, your GST F5 report will be different click here        



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