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You can add a company logo to your company documents (Sales Journal, Statement of Accounts, Credit Note, payment voucher, etc) to your customer or supplier.


: Add company logo into document

The standard document format that comes with the system is as shown here.   Your logo must be square in order to fit into the pre-set format.
If your logo is not square, send your logo in png or jpeg format  to our support team                                

Before adding your company logo,                                                                                                                               After adding the company logo,


A space is reserved in the document to print out your company logo. (highlighted in red box in Fig 1)


Step 1/5 : Prepare your company logo to the right size. Keep your logo size in .png format and use the [Resize] button to get the best fit in step 3



Step 2/5 : At [Setup], select [Company Profile],

 Highlight on your company name , click [Edit]

Step 3/5 : Double click on the square box and select your company logo file [Sunshine.png] from your disk.


Step 4/5 : You should see your company logo nicely placed as shown below. Click [Save]        



Step 5/5 : Print preview your document (example customer invoice) ,
Invoice layout and design is for illustration purpose only.
To customise to your company design or add second logo (example : ISO 90000X) please ask for a separate quote and charges shall apply at prevailing rate.

FAQ : What if my company logo is rectangular in shape ?

Answer : Please consult our support team for advise. Charges may apply to customise your document format.

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