Modify standard COA

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If you are going to adopt Realtimme Cloud standard chart of accounts ,you need to learn how to


Update some accounts name for your company. And example will be your bank account.        


Exercise: Assuming bank account is DBS with account number 0059-04057-9


: Amend accounts name         : modify sales account


Step 1: Click [Setup] --> [Chart of Accounts]




Follow the sequence below [1] to [7]



To modify Trade Debtors Control



To modify Trade Creditors Control to Accounts Payables



To modify Unappropriated Profit / Loss to Retained Earnings b/f






Exercise: Assuming your company opened a new bank accounts  – HSBC in EURO dollar

Follow the steps from [1] to [6]





Continue to do the rest for other chart of accounts,


Alternatively, you can do a mapping of your existing COA to replace Realtimme Cloud COA




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