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In this topic, you will learn how to create new users  account (with limited access and print) into the Realtimme Cloud system.


You have to be classified as a [SUP] user group before you can create a new user id and temporary password for your user.


You can create as many user account you want, but is limited by the number of user subscription plan your company signed up.
Assuming your company subscribed to 2 user plan , you can create 10 user accounts but at any one time , a maximum of 2 concurrent users can access the system.


At the earlier topic. you had learnt how to create your own [SUP] Super power user id and password.
Now you will learn how to create your other colleagues' or new users who need to access the Realtimme Cloud system.



You, being the [SUP] user, have to decide your each user what is their responsibilities and which module they are allowed to access

Example your store man or sales team will not access accounts module, or your sales team will not have access to purchasing module or reports.



: How to create my other users' account and temporary password


At [ Setup ], click [User Control],



Create your users' id and their temporary password...

1.For your existing users that need to access Realtimme Cloud during initial system setup.
2.Assuming you have a new staff or colleague joining your company


There are pre-set 9 user groups (see below) preset in the system. You may add new user group or modify each user group's access and print control to suit your company's needs.
At the later paragraph, you will need to assign your user to one of this group.


Create a temporary user id and password for the rest of your users.

Watch video : How to add a new user login with id and password


      Click [ Setup ] --> [ User Control ] --> [ Add ]



Assuming you have a colleague, Katherine Koh, who is a sales manager.


Enter the information as shown below, enter the User id and password, user group, warehouse and Dept is default set to [1]. Click Save



   Warehouse Group (Applicable only in Professional Version)



Add user GG as a store keeper role




After adding all your users, your user control should look as per below.




At the login screen, Katherine will enter the user id as [kk@sunshine] with the pasword : kk , as shown below.



Next, Katherine will change her password of her choice, without using the password given by the supervisor


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