Create your own id & password first...(Super power user)

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In the earlier topic, you were given the default login id and password to do a first time login

If you are going to be the controller of this system, you will ...

1.First create your own user id and password. Your user group will be a [SUP] or super power user in the Realtimme Cloud system,
with the ability to access all modules and the power to add new transactions, edit, delete or print the transactions.
2.Second, delete the default id and password that was given to you to login for the first time.  [1@sunshine] where assuming your company name is Sunshine Pte Ltd.

What are your responsibilities?

1.Create new user accounts for your users (See user adminstration)
2.Control your users access or restrict their access to certain modules
3.Control your users printing or restrict their access to print certain document or reports
4.Reset some preset settings in the system, example , reference number , credit limit, change of address
5.Re-assign user password and maintain the security of the system (reset password for users who forgot or resigned)
6.Set lock date after each reporting period


Of course you can dedicate the above responsibilities to your other colleague but it is at your own discretion.


: Create your own id and password as a super power user (highest level authority)


Click [Setup]  followed by [User Control]


There are already 4 pre-set user accounts in the system...Read more

a. [1] is a temporary account created for you to login for the first time. 1@your_company_name. Delete this once you create your own personal id and password at Fig 5 below.

b. [RBC] is for our senior support team to login to carry out support related work on a need be basis. You are not allowed to delete this user id. RBC@your_company_name  

c. [RBCM] Our junior support team that will login with this id to investigate your reported issue, with restricted access to postings or reports.                      

c. [ZZ] is required when your user can re-instate themselves into the system when they are being log-out due to premature exit of the system.


Also, if number of users allowed to login has exceeded, use this id to log out some users from the system. Click here


To create your own user id (SUPer power user)...

Click [Setup]  followed by [User Control]


Click [Add] ,

Enter your user id, and name.  Assuming your name is Peter Pang,  (Use short name, for example Peter Pang = PP )
Password can be alphanumeric ( numeric and/or alphabeit) , case sensitive  


4  At User group, select [SUP] or supervisor , being given the highest rights and access (See CSP user group)

     5. Language : By default set to English (User defined)


Next, Delete the standard login id


You will see the updated user id and user name as shown below


Do not user id [RBC] or [ZZ]. You will see the message below.

    See when you need to login as ZZ user


Next to learn how to setup your colleague's temporary user id and password


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