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As part of management report or audit report.

For management reporting purposes, business owner needs the information of who is owing what and for how long the bill is outstanding, so that payment can be collected when it is due. It is part of credit control function.

For audit purpose, auditor can analyse the quantum of the debt that is owing for too long and if there is an provision for bad debts is relevant for the year end financial report.
: Customer detailed aging in foreign and base currency

At [Reports], select [Customers' Ledger] , click [Detailed Aging]


Choose your filter and criteria, aging date and options by currency type, exchange rate type, etc... click OK.


Example of how a aging report, by order of customer id, of first to last customer


Print by order of Customer Group

FAQ: Warning message [Sorry....Currency exchange rate not found]

If you see this message, the exchange rate for this currency is not set in the currency rate setting for the aging date to calculate the base currency.

Refer to auto select last month rate


As at 05/09/2020, due date added into the aging



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