Customer Activity Ledger

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Also known as Debtors Subsidiary Ledger in accounting term, is part of audit report that need to be given to the auditors, beginning from the first day of the financial period,to the last date of the financial period, from the first customer to the last customer. It shows the brought forward figure of the customer, the debits and credits and balances of after each transactions and the carried forward to the next financial period.

: Print customer activities report for backup and audit purpose


Click Report--> Customer Ledger --> Customer Accounts Activities


At [2] Click [Transaction Period] , you can now select [Previous month], [Last 3 months], [Last 6 months], [Last Financial  Peiod] or manually type the date range (added on 30/08/2021)

The report below is for illustration purpose only, the date range above may not coincide with the date range below.



See USD customer ledger in translated to SGD


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