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In the earlier topic, you had earlier created a customer id and customer name and other information, now you will enter the customer address here.

: Add customer's addresses

At Setup --> Click Customer Master file                                          



  Click [Add] , in the earlier topic, you had entered the customer profile.


   You had earlier entered the customer  id, name etc , click on the [Address] tab.



 Follow the steps [1] to [5]



As of 28/05/2020, Fax No will be changed to [Mobile]




Some company may have other delivery addresses or retail outlets,

Step 6: Enter the second or third address [Deliver To] as shown below
Step 7, 8  and 9 : Repeat as in Step 2, 3 , 4 and 5



            Note : Each customer can have only one default [Bill] To and [Deliver To] address, others can be left blank.                                                                                                
For service invoice...

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