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Customer master stores the information of your customers(Corporate clients or individual person) to whom your company sells goods or renders services. Information like billing addresses, contact number, contact persons, delivery address, email address, credit terms, etc will be stored here.

If you are selling on credit (example your company give 30 days or X days term payment after delivery of goods) , and you have more than one invoice to the same customer in one month,
it is good to create a customer account to keep track of the outstanding invoice or avoid double recording of their invoice.


You can

1.Manually add your customer profile one by one  (follow the steps from 1 to 4 below) or
2.If you are migrating from other accounting software, you can do an import from the template provided.

To create new customer profile  


: Create new customer account            


At [Setup], click [Customer Master]



Click [Add],...See also [Copy] . Follow the steps from [1] to [14] (See InvoiceNow )



Note : If [11] require to be related company or other debtors control, click here


Click [Address] tab [15]...Read more

          Follow the steps [1] to [6]

            Postal code in [3] added on 15/08/2021 as a separate field for InvoiceNow use


See FAQ: Credit limit

Step 4: Click [Contact] tab...

Enter the necessary information available, click [Add Contact] . Click [Save]

  See FAQ InvoiceNow

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