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Department / Subsidiary (D/S)


This topic require you to have fairly good accounting knowledge. You may want to seek your accountant or our support team for assistance.


System by default comes with a Department code [1]


Question : Can I create a second department to have department Profit & Loss?

Answer : Please consult Realtimme Support.



When you create a new accounts code, there will be a default department 1 .







There is a default [1] department already pre-set in the system. It is a mandatory field when you create a new accounts.

You can change (click Edit) the Dept Code and Dept Name to your preference



At screen below, System pre-set chart of accounts is set to default dept 1 as shown below



If your company do not have any other department, you will still need to use the default D/S as “1”

when you create new accounts in the chart of accounts.


FAQ : Can I create a new or second department ?
Answer : Basic Plan comes with only 1 department only. For more than 1 department, charges shall apply. Please consult support for more information



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