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You could have..

1.Just subscribed to Realtimme Cloud solution or
2.Newly purchased a notebook or computer (Win 10...Macbook will need dual boot to Windows)
3.Want to work from home and need to install into your home computer        
4.Want to reinstall Realtimme Cloud (please uninstall first before re-install)

 Or you have problem installing Realtimme, install Anydesk for our support crew to assists you.


Follow the steps below to learn how to download and install Realtimme Cloud into your computer or notebook.

:Where to download Realtimme installation files

1. Click here to Realtimme download page
2.Alternatively, go to Realtimme Cloud website  Follow the steps from [1] to [3]


You can install the Realtimme system into as many computers as you want, your home, your office etc.
The total number of concurrent user access is limited by the number of users subscribed as stated in the invoice. (See User Plan)


Where Realtimme is stored...

: Where Realtimme is stored in my computer


It is stored in C:\RealtimmeCloud




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