FAQ - Employee id vs User id

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FAQ : Is it not the same that I create the user id which also amounts to the employee id in the company?

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Depending on each company's data security and access rights policies, some employee do not have access to the system, thereby the number of user id may be lesser than the number of employees.

The number of employees in the company may be 20 staff, but the number of users accessing realtimme may be only 8 staff only.

Example when issueing a delivery order, the delivery clerk may have access to the systems but there may be 5 delivery persons in the company but the delivery clerk need to enter the delivery person's name in the document to state who makes the delivery.

Another example is when an employee id is created, you need to indicate the department.

When issueing invoice, when you click on the

Employee from the finance department will not be appearing in the selection lists (of the sales department).


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