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For document tracking or record purposes, all employees need to have their names stored the system and in each documents generated,
Example in an sales journal (service invoice) , to store the salesperson id;  

Note that employee may or may not be equal to users in the system. You may have 20 employees but only 8 users are accessible to the system.

Note : Though it is not mandatory, it recommended that you set or assign the employee group to your employee master.

Enter all the employees' profile here.

: How to enter employee information into Realtimme system                       FAQ : What is the difference between user id and employee id?


At [Setup] , click [Employee Master] ,


Click [ Add ]                                                                                                                See [Filing Agent]



By default, there are 3 employee id (salesperson id S001, S002, S003) pre-filled in the system. Highlight on the first id, click [Edit] to fill in the name of your salesperson


There are 5 tabs as shown below. Fill in the necessary information in each tab

Step 1/5 : Profile ...Read More

Replace the default employee id [S001] and name to the relevant id (see Fig 2)
Enter the employee id, name, employee group. Attach a photo if you want to.   At Department, select [Sales] so that invoice can be assigned to the employee as salesperson.



Step 2/5 : Address Tab ...Continue

The Address id [Main] is set as default tick. Do not change it. Enter this employee residential address. Click [Save]



Click [Save Address] to store the information into the employee master.

Step 3/5 : Contact...Continue

Enter the Next - of - Kin particulars of this employee or any other contacts of this employee.


Step 4/5 : Payroll Details... Continue...

Click on Payroll Details.

The G/L control is by default, set to [F-A099] accrued salary. Do not change the code.
(This is very much like linking each supplier to Trade Creditors control).

Payment details is for information purpose only, will be in used when version 2 is released.

Realtimme HR and Payroll module  information can be connected and updated to this table automatically.


Step 5/5: Notes

Enter your notes related to this employee.


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