Monthly Depreciation

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This is a monthly process to post the depreciation expenses to the Profit and Loss and accumulated depreciation accounts of each group of assets to arrive
at the net book value of each asset items. It is important not to skip any month and later to revert to the "unposted" month.

: Monthly posting of depreciation to GL ledger


At [Fixed Assets] , click [Asset Depreciation]


Follow the steps [1] to [4]



Once the depreciation is done, a message below will appear.


At GL journal, you will see a journal created due to the posting of the monthly depreciation process . Do not edit and change the value. It will not be consistent with the schedule.


At Step 1, Your last depreciation run was January 202. In the next month, select February  2021 and so forth. If you skip February 2021 and proceed to March 2021, you will see this message.


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