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Fixed asset get transferred from one location to another and will be under a different staff's responsibility.

Use this module to print out an acknowledgment form and track the location of each fixed assset.


At [ Fixed Asset ] , click [ Asset Transfer ]


In this example, an office table is to be transferred from location [HQ] to location [TM] retail outlet.

Step 1: Select the recipient name

Step 2:        Enter the location to receive this FA
Step 3: Enter the transfer date

Step 4: The transaction date will be default to end of the month (for depreciation purpose to the accounts)

Step 5: Click [Add]

Step 6: Enter the Asset code to be transferred

Step 7: Click [Add], continue with the 2nd asset if any, otherwise click [Exit]        

Step 8: Once complete, click [Save]

Step 9: Click [Print] to print the transfer note.  Click [OK] to the message below.

Step 10: Location code is now [TM] ,
Step 11: Click on the [View] button. Click on the [Movement] tab, It will show the previous location [HQ] of where it was transferred from.


Step 12: At [A/c Entry], click [GL Journal]

Step 13:  Click [View] .



 A re-classification of the Fixed asset and respective accumulated depreciation from department to department is auto - generated by the system below.


Step 14: At [Asset Master], click [Inactive] tab. The history of the Fixed Asset in HQ is kept here. Click [View] to see the content.


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