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If I am a buyer: Use InvoiceNow to receive e-invoice from my supplier as a purchase of goods and services

FAQ 1 :   Can any one randomly send me an e-invoice?
Answer : Yes, so long as they store your company information in their system with your PEPPOL_id
FAQ 2:    Does the invoice come directly into our Accounts Payable? How do we prevent unauthorised invoice coming into our system?
Answer : As far as Realtimme Cloud system is concern, we have a separate "holding" area  where we name it as [Review] tab , where the entries sits and is subject to your "approval" before it gets posted to your accounts payables.

              Click here to watch the approval process.

FAQ 3 :   What if I have a new supplier, will their invoice come into the system as per in FAQ2 ?

Answer : The work flow remains the same, you must [Add] the new supplier account in your Supplier master first , with the mandatory InvoiceNow fields information, before you can receive their invoice

FAQ 4 :   What if this is a one-off supplier and I want to take up the expenses directly into the general ledger?

Answer : The InvoiceNow is for accrual basis accounting or accounts payable only. You must refer to FAQ 3 if you still want to receive this supplier e-invoice

FAQ 5:   How does the system know which account to debit to when I receive the supplier e-invoice, when supplier recognized their transaction as revenue or sales in their books.

Answer : As far as Realtimme Cloud system is concern, if you have prior transactions with this supplier entered manually before receiving your e-invoice, the system will based on the latest transactions , compare
          with the same amount, and recall the same chart of account (s) into this latest e-invoice. See FAQ 7

FAQ 6 :   If a supplier bill me for more than one month (or one year) service, I need to split the account into current month expense and prepayments for the remaining (or 11 months),
              How do I split the amount into one or more chart of accounts?

Answer : At FAQ 2, at the [Review] tab, you will be able to split the amount into multiple line for the purpose of different chart of accounts, before you save it.
              Answer to FAQ 5 will come in to "recurr" this transactions if you have a repeated bill of the same amount.

FAQ 7 :   In FAQ 3, if this is a new supplier, how would the system know where to debit to which expenses (or accrual accounts in the balance sheet)?

Answer : As per FAQ 2, the [Review] tab, for the first time, edit the record and you can assign the relevant chart of accounts before [Approval] to the records.

FAQ 8:    What if the purchases are stocks for the purpose of reselling?

Answer : Currently, our InvoiceNow is available for accounts payable, update in the Purchase Journal only,  not including inventory system. We will include inventory update in the near future.
FAQ 9 ;   What if the supplier send me an invoice that is dated 2 month ago, by which I had already lock my transaction date?

Answer : The e-invoice will be in the [Review] tab. You will need to set the supplier invoice in the document date and the transaction in the current month transaction date (Open date). The standard checking will still apply.

FAQ 10 : There are a 3 e-invoice of the same, sent by the supplier due to corrections. What do I do with the earlier 2 wrong records?

Answer :  As far as Realtimme cloud is concern, you can delete the records in the [Review] tab that are wrong. Note that we store all records received in the system for audit or proof of receipt purpose

FAQ 11 :  How quick do I receive my e-invoice upon the supplier sending?

Answer :  We refresh the [Review] tab every 2 minutes. Meaning that once your supplier sent their e-invoce at their end, you should be able to receive their e-invoice in your [Review] tab in 5 minutes time. (see FAQ 2)
               Please inform our support if the e-invoice never come in, as confirmed by your supplier.

FAQ 12 : Will I receive supplier credit note or debit note via InvoiceNow?
Answer : InvoiceNow is currently not ready for any other document processes other than Invoice

FAQ 13 :  Can my overseas supplier send their invoice to me via PEPPOL network?

Answer :  As long as your overseas suppliers software is in the PEPPOL network or they have a PEPPOL id from their country service provider, you can receive their invoice


If I am a seller :  I will send e-invoice to my customer

FAQ 1:   Can I send e-invoice to all my customers locally or overseas customers?

Answer : Your customer must be using an accounting system that is PEPPOL network (local or overseas) ready , having a registered PEPPOL id from their service provider.


FAQ 2:   Can I send and resend my invoice again if I make a mistake in my first send?
Answer : Depending on the design of each system, as far as Realtimme Cloud is concern, you can send again over and over, just like you would do so in normal circumstances when there are errors or omissions in your billing
               You may need to communicate with your customer to keep the latest copy as correct.


FAQ 3 :   What if there is a Credit note or Debit Note to be issued to a customer?
Answer : InvoiceNow is currently not ready for any other document processes other than Invoice


FAQ 4 :   Do I have to pay additional subscription fee to use InvoiceNow?
Answer : No, there is no additional subscription fee to use InvoiceNow, as we promise, no hidden cost.


FAQ 5 :   What if I unsubscribe from Realtimme Cloud and move on to another accounting software?
Answer : You will need to de-register from Realtimme Cloud and register with your next accounting software vendor. Please consult our support team


FAQ 6 :  What technology is used to connect to the PEPPOL network?
Answer :  Realtimme cloud use the latest technology, Rest API, as oppose to other vendors who use less superior technology example, connector or XML, FTP (file transfer protocol)


FAQ 7:   How do I start using InvoiceNow?
Answer : 1. Click here to onboarding your company to get your company PEPPOL id

    2. Important information Prepare your system with the mandatory information.        


For more FAQ regarding InvoiceNow, please click on this link (Source: IMDA) as at 13th July 2021        


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