Bank & Related A/C fast code (Pre-set)

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Bank fast code functions as short cuts(hot-keys) to to the bank accounts codes when you are recording payments from your customers or to your suppliers.

Each bank fast code or its related fast code (bank charges, discounts etc) is tagged (or preset) to the relevant account code in the chart of accounts.

Bank fast codes and its related accounts are preset in the system and not available to user access. Please consult our support team for assistance if you have the 3rd bank or more.


View Bank account and pre-set Bank & Related accounts fast code


When you first subscribed to Realtimme Cloud, at Chart of Accounts, show 4 pre-set bank account named as BANK-01, 02, 03, 04 as per below


           [1] Highlight on the bank , [2] Click [Edit] , [3] Enter the bank description and [4] Click [Save]



        When you received payment from your customer,






Conventional data entry requires that you enter the accounts code (a few keystrokes) of the bank to either Debit (for AR receipt) or Credit (for AP payments) but in Realtimme, you just need one key stroke to enter fast code 1.




When do you need to use Bank Fast Code?...

Bank fast code is used in Receipt and Payment module. It is a shortcut or hotkey (user defined) preset to point to the bank accounts in the accounts ledger (or related accounts like bank charges, discount allowed) to facilitate speedier data entry and to enhance user-friendliness for non accounts-trained users to do data entry input without the need to know that system is creating a debit when they are entering a receipt or credit entry when they are entering payment transactions.


1) To enter Receipt. (Payment from customer)


Click A/C Entry, Receipt, Add Cust




Click Add




Select the fast id  you had deposited the cheque. At the Bank Fast, you just need to type 1(one) or 2(Two), if your company have 2 banks, depending which bank you had deposited.

The system will automatically update (or debit) your selected bank by the amount.



2) To enter Payment (Payment to supplier or supplier's invoice).


Notice that you do not need to enter the Bank GL accounts code, instead just the bank fast code.




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