Fast Code (Pre-set in system, not accessible to user)

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Data entry requires speed as there are a lot of entries to be made in a single day and productivity will increase if the keystrokes can be reduced and shortcuts are available.

Most common transactions are when you receive payment or making payment out from your bank, you will need to enter your bank accounts code (To deposit or withdraw)
If your bank accounts code is 10100 (5 numeric character) , you will have to enter 5 key strokes in order to call out the bank accounts in your payment or receipt module


In Realtimme Cloud, Fast code functions as short cuts(hot-keys) to commonly used accounts codes for the purpose of speedier data entry.

Each fast code is tagged (or pre-linked) to one account code in the chart of accounts. Fast code is used widely in the Realtimme cloud system and will be covered in the relevant topics

Read further for Bank, Sales, Purchases and Tax Fast codes and its related accounts.


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