Purchase & Related A/C fast code (Premium Plan Only)

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Fast code functions as short cuts(hot-keys) to commonly used accounts codes for the purpose of speedier data entry.

Each fast code is tagged (or preset) to one account code in the chart of accounts. Fast code is used widely in the system and will be covered in the relevant topics

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Purchase fast codes and its related accounts are preset in the system and not available to user access. Please consult our support team for assistance


View Pre-set Purchases & Related accounts fast code.



Default pre-set fast code is as shown below,


Each Purchase fast code is linked to a General Ledger purchase accounts code.






When do you need to use Purchases fast code?

Answer: 1)When you enter your cost of sales or expenses in Purchase Journal at Accounts Transaction


Double click  A/c Entry --> Purchase Journal --> Add




Answer : 2 Payroll





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