Sales & Related A/C fast code (Pre-set )

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Fast code functions as short cuts(hot-keys) to commonly used accounts codes for the purpose of speedier data entry.

Fast code is in use when you want to charge to the sales account, instead of typing the accounts code, use a single character to enter, or the case of stock module, some stocks are linked to different sales account.
We use each fast code to tag to the stock so that system will automatically post to the respective sales account when each stock is sold.

Each fast code is tagged (or preset) to one account code in the chart of accounts. Fast code is used widely in the system and will be covered in the relevant topics

Sales fast codes and its related accounts are preset in the system and not available to user access . Please consult our support team for assistance




View Pre-set Sales & Related accounts fast code


By default, you will see the preset sales fast code as shown below :-


 Fast Code - Opening Balance (For Customer opening balances b/f)


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Related A/c - Sales Returned



When do you need to use Sales fast code?

Answer :  1) When you enter your Sales Journal at A/c Entry --> Sales Journal (Step 4)



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