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For IRAS and ACRA seamless filing purpose.

Action required by user

A filer is

1. A person that is appointed to file the annual returns or corporate tax on behalf of the company.
   This person can be the corporate service provider(company secretary or tax agent)
    or the business owners or the in-house accountant.

2. Empower to update the filing information pertaining to ACRA filing,any changes in the subsequent years of the reporting status of the company he/she is reporting

3. Can set up multiple control account for related parties. Click here

: Coming soon        


At [Setup], click [User Control]

Click [Add]


If the filer is the business owner or already an existing user, create a new user id, set the user group as [CSP]




Note : At [Setup], click [User Group Control]




You should see a user group [CSP] or Corporate service provider (automatically added on 25/06/2021).




Login with the user id above


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