Filing Agent number

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During your annual return filing, if you are the filing agent or the director, you need to enter the information  in [1] to [4] as shown below




[1] Filing Agent Number

[2] Lodger Name (or the filing agent name)

[3] Identification number of director 1 who has signed the financial statements

[4] Identification number of director 2 who has signed the financial statements


You can now enter the above information by following the steps below


At [Setup] , click [Employee Master] , click [ Add ]



You have to login as a corporate service provider first only then you will see the [Directors] and [Filing Agent] tab

Ordinary user will not see the additional tab.


Click on the [Filing Agent] tab, follow the steps from [1] to [6]




Click on the [Directors] tab,  repeat step [1] to [6] , repeat for director 2        






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