Fixed Asset (FA) with Accumulated Depreciation

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Fixed asset (or long term asset) are acquired to generate future income in a company. A vehicle bought to transport goods to customer forms part of the fixed asset to generate revenue for the company, over more than a one financial periods (10 years), at the same time the cost on each year is apportioned by the full value, to the number of estimated useful life of the asset (the vehicle) to match the revenue, thereby arriving at the profit earned by the company.


A simple example is if a transport vehicle is bought for SGD10,000 to be used over a 10 year period, the cost per year to the company will be SGD1,000.00, against the revenue earned as service rendered to deliver goods to the customers.

Fixed asset account is a unique account that requires a corresponding accumulated depreciation account, presented side by side in the balance sheet for the purpose of working out the net book value of the fixed asset. (see below)


Assuming below is your Balance Sheet showing your Fixed Assets group total.


: Link Accumulated depreciation account to Fixed Asset Accounts for Balance Sheet presentation


At [Setup], click on Chart of Accounts




Below shows a sample of the fixed asset (A00) and accumulated depreciation account (B00) that is already pre-set . (See Fixed assets with data id)





Take note that the Accumulated Depreciation account (B00) is a "buddy" account that need to link to the fixed asset account (A00)


To create a new Fixed Asset with  Accumulated Depreciation accounts ...Read more...




Once complete , a new fixed asset is created. See Fixed Asset Register




This is for the purpose of presenting net book value of the fixed assets in your Balance Sheet as shown below







Furniture & Fittings




Computers & Comm Equipments




Renovation & Refurbishments




Motor Vehicles




Property, plant & equipments








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