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Usually when customers make payment to the company , use [Receipt] module to bank into the company bank.

However, sometimes supplier issue a cheque to make a refund due to a Credit note for returned goods

Watch video : Refund from supplier

When there is a negative outstanding balance in your company's favour, the supplier can/may issue a cheque to zero off the accounts


First Step1 / 3 : At A/c Entry, click Supplier Debit Journal , click [Add]




Step 2/3 : Enter the supplier id, and the information below ( Debit the bank when the cheque is deposited.)
              Remember to set the date where the cheque is cleared. So that it is not a bank reconciliation item


 If your company is GST registered, enter the Tax code as [P] to refund back the GST (at the prevailing rate)


The above entry is to Debit the bank and Credit this supplier.


Step 3/3 : At [Payment] module, click [Add Supp] . The contra amount will be zero, because the Debit Note is used to contra off the Credit Note of the same supplier.


         Enter the information below, (see full amount contra)



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