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Print the monthly (or yearly) general ledger after each month end and save it to pdf or excel for safe keeping.


For report and record keeping purposes, you can print your general ledgers of all the postings made in the Realtimme system.

: Print General ledgers for audit or backup                                                                   Next Topic : Print Profit & Loss report




At [4] Click [Transaction Period] , you can now select [Previous month], [Last 3 months], [Last 6 months], [Last Financial  Peiod] or manually type the date range (added on 30/08/2021)

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       FAQ: Bank account is in summary, how can I print out the details? Click here for answer



For company having USD as their base currency, their SGD bank ledger converted into USD will appear as shown below.




Next Topic : Print Profit & Loss report                         Income & Expenditure Statement (Non profit organisation)


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