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You may be a new start-up or are switching from other accounting system.
Follow the sequence below to implement your Realtimme Cloud System, some topics may not be applicable to your company or you may not need them now, you may choose to skip them.

Sunshine Pte Ltd is used as a demo company, for illustration purpose, to display the reports and screen shot samples.
. Any resemblance to building names, addresses, actual persons (living or dead ), or actual events is purely coincidental.


You had earlier learnt how to login to Realtimme Cloud for the first time  - First time login

Next learn how to create your own id and password as a super power user


For Accounts Module , Step :-

 01) Create user account  (Please get ready the user id and name of each users, 3 users for every 5 minutes)

 02) My company profile  (10 minutes to enter your company name, addresses, telephone, fax, registration number etc, please get ready these information)

 03) Set your company's financial period (mandatory)  (10 minutes, please find out from your auditor for more information)

 04) Modify or enhance the chart of accounts (COA) to suit your company's accounting and reporting requirement (Please get ready your existing chart of accounts, estimate 30 min to 1 hour)
                 If you have an existing COA, learn how to import to Realtimme Cloud...Click here

 05) Set Reference Number  set your auto running document number, example invoice number, payment voucher etc(10 minutes)

 06) Set Employee master ( Prepare address and contact list of each employee, 5 minutes for each employee)

 07) Set customer master manually  or migrate from your current system (Download excel template )

 08) Set supplier master manually    or migrate from your current system (Download excel template )

 09) If your company is GST (Not GST) Registered

10) Create user group account ( Set the rights and accesses, 30 minutes  )

 11) Occasional, you will receive program update, click [Continue] ... : Auto update latest release



Opening Balances If you are switching from any other accounting software, follow the Step from 10 to Step 13.
                                   (For new startup, ignore item 10 to 13)

 12) General ledgers brought forward balances using pre filled template  (See migration of chart of accounts)

 13) Customer balances brought forward (See batch import)

 14) Supplier balances brought forward (See batch Import)

 15 Bank Unpresented cheques/ receipts balances brought forward


There are some standard format designs for the following documents below. Please print out the documents for testing.

Format Design: Service invoice, statement of accounts, Customer Credit Note

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