GST Registration Reminder

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If your company is currently not GST Registered,

Businesses whose taxable turnover not exceeded the GST registration threshold of $1million are not required to register for GST.
For periods on or after 1 Jan 2019, taxable turnover will be computed on a calendar year basis for purposes of determining registration liability.
Businesses will have to monitor at the end of every calendar year (i.e. 31 Dec) and register for GST if their annual taxable turnover exceeds $1 million.

To assist non-GST registered businesses in identifying when their GST registration, liability is triggered by virtue of their taxable turnover, Realtimme cloud accounting software is capable of triggering reminders to the

businesses once their turnovers have exceeded the GST registration threshold.

: GST Registration reminder for business not registered with GST


The formula to determine the turnover figure for triggering the GST registration reminder is as follows:

Turnover = Total Income (K00 + K09) minus Specific Account (K10) minus Credit Note (C)


Total Income (K00 + K09 ) = Total amount that flows into ALL of the following accounts and any new account(s) created and tagged as the same income type during the calendar year (excluding credit note)

Specific Account (K10) = Accounts marked as K10

Credit Note (K00) = Credit note issued for transactions that fall under (A)

The tables below provide the recommended accounts that should be used to compute the turnover.




         Recommended accounts under K00, K09


         Recommended accounts under K10


Frequency to trigger the reminder - 1 day following the end of the calendar year, i.e. 1Jan of the following year

                                2nd reminder - Triggered 31 days after the end of the calendar year, i.e. 31 Jan of the following year.

Check if you are required to register for GST...

Using the GST Registration Calculator.
Assuming now is the year 2020, select the prior year 2019 and get ready the information required below.


Important Note: If you register late, you will need to pay GST on your past sales even if you did not collect any GST from your customers. Avoid this by registering for GST on time



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