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Reference : GST website


Learn how to setup your GST

1. If my company is GST Registered
a)By default, the Realtimme Cloud system assumed that your company is GST registered (apply to Singapore user only), and all the tax code is pre-set to the prevailing tax rate.
b)GST registered , with base currency in USD / EUR dollar

You will just need to fill in your company GST Registration number at company profile and it will be printed out on your official document to your customers (Sales Invoice, Credit Note etc)
Test all your printing of Invoice , Debit Note, Credit Note to have the word [Tax ] enabled.

2. If my company is not GST Registered...Click here

Businesses whose taxable turnover not exceeded the GST registration threshold of $1million are not required to register for GST.

For periods on or after 1 Jan 2019, taxable turnover will be computed on a calendar year basis for purposes of determining registration liability.

Businesses will have to monitor at the end of every calendar year (i.e. 31 Dec) and register for GST if their annual taxable turnover exceeds $1 million or expected to exceed during the year.


To assist non-GST registered businesses in identifying when their GST registration, liability is triggered by virtue of their taxable turnover, Realtimme cloud accounting software is capable of triggering reminders to the

businesses once their turnovers have exceeded the GST registration threshold.


: GST Registration reminder for business not registered with GST

Follow the steps [1] to [8] below to reset the tax rate to [0] zero


3. If my company is going to be GST Registered...Click here...

1.Please email to for assistance.
2.Provide the starting date of GST , GST Registration number
3.At least 5 working days of advance notice.
4.At Company Profile, enter the GST registration number

4. If my company is going to be de-registered...Click here..

1.Please email to for assistance.
2.Provide the last date of GST
3.At least 5 working days of advance notice.
4.At Company Profile, remove the GST registration number at the end of day of your GST date.

5. If there is a change of GST Rate
   System will be auto-updated with the new rate. No action required from users.


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