Goods and Services Tax (Singapore & Malaysia)

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For Singapore GST registered traders, all sales and purchases are subject to Goods and services tax depending on the classification of the sales and purchases.


With effect from 01/6/2016 - Realtimme Cloud solution version is now listed in the IRAS ' Accounting Software Register ("ASR")
Renewed from 1st July 2018 to 31th Dec 2019

Renewed from 1st Jan 2020 to 31st Dec 2020 version 3.0.0




All the tax codes are already pre-set in the system as per Guide on Accounting Software (for Software Developers)



For Singapore GST Tax code

For In-put tax (Purchases)

   For Out-put tax (Sales)

New tax code SRRC and SROVR for digital services and reverse charge...wef 01/01/2020


Goods and Services Tax was introduced in Singapore in April 1994 at a rate of 3% and gradually increased to 7 % effective from July 2007 and beyond for both local sales and local purchases or import purchases.

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