Import Customer Opening Balances (OB) b/f

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If your company is a newly setup, there will be no opening balances brought forward from your customers's account, you can ignore this topic


For your customer opening balance, you can enter manually or prepare in excel spreadsheet and import into Realtimme Sales Journal module.

This will be useful when you have hundreds or thousands of records of customers outstanding bills as at your cut-off date.

If your current system can export your customer aging to excel spreadsheet, you can copy and paste the information into the respective column


: How to import your customers' opening balances using excel template



Step 1: At [A/c Entry], click [Sales Journal]


Step 2: Click [ OB Template ] to download the excel spreadsheet into your external storage space or your preferred folder.


Step 3: Select your external drive , download and save the file [Customer Opening Balance] or any name of your choice

Step 4: Whether you have 6 or 6,000 outstanding records , enter the relevant information into each column of each customer's outstanding records
             Or copy and paste from your current accounting system (in excel) . Save the file and see Step 5


Step 5: Save the updated template with a different name, example [Customer Opening Balance (1)]


Step 6: Click [ OB Import ] to import all customer outstanding balances into the Sales Journal, following that repeat Step 5 to choose the updated file.



Step 7: Print your customer aging to verify the total outstanding against the trade debtors control as at 31/3/2019


Common issues when import...


1.Customer id not found. Click on the [Missing List] tab to see which customer id is not in your customer master.
Add this customer in your list and repeat the import again



2.Currency rate not found

                Go to [Currency Rate] to set in the USD exchange rate as at the year end 31/3/2019



Compare the GL debtor control with the aging.        

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