Import GL Trial Balance

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This topic require you to have fairly good accounting knowledge. You may want to seek your accountant or our support team for assistance.


If your company is newly setup, you can skip this topic.

If you are migrating from your current system to Realtimme cloud, your trial balance (existing account balance)  need to be entered as at the cut-off date (b/f)

You can now enter the value in excel template downloaded from Realtimme Cloud and  import your GL Closing balance into our system easily and very quickly.


: How to import GL Closing balance into Realtimme Cloud

Step 1: At [A/C Entry], click [G/L Journal],



Click [Opening Balance] tab



You can use excel template to import or manually enter the chart of accounts balance

Step 2: Follow the steps in Fig 2 , from [1] to [5]


Step 3

For illustration purpose, assuming you have your Balance Sheet as at DD/ MM /20YY as shown in Fig 3a






Whether you enter manually or import from above steps, you will see the screen below. To enter manually, follow step [1] to [10]

Step 4 : Note: You need to transfer closing stock (row 10) from 30/04/2021 to Opening Stock dated 1/ 05/ 2021, as shown below.


         Dr        L-O001    Opening Stock                                3,491.50

                       Cr        D-S001    Closing Stock (Balance Sheet)                               3,491.50





The General Ledger for the closing Stock and Opening stock  will be as per below.



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