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If you are providing book-keeping service, you can very quickly record the purchases in an excel template  in each rows and do a batch import into the Purchase Journal

Download a blank template in the Purchase journal, enter the daily purchases of each supplier, the amount , invoice number and date of invoice.
Do a batch import and all entries will be recorded.

: How to import weekly purchases from excel template


At [A/c Entry] , click [Purchase Journal]


Open  the template and start to enter the sales invoices into the column of template of the customer id, date, reference number, invoice amount.

            Once complete, click [Save As] with a different file name, example [ Purchase Journal Template May 2019]


Follow the steps in [5] to [8] to import the above template information

 [9] Click [Save]  If your information is not complete, you will have the following message [10] . Click on the [Missing List] tab [11]

 Return back to your excel spreadsheet. Double click to display Column D [CurrencyRate] .Enter the exchange rate . Go to supplier master to add the new supplier [FTC] in US dollar


Repeat Step [5] again in Fig 3, at the [Purchase Journal] , click [Import] followed by selecting the file [Purchase Journal Template May 2019]


Notice at Step 3, row 9, you had not entered any accounts code, system will automatically post to D-S099 suspense account. and display the the word at the [Particular] column

Edit the record and enter the appropriate accounts code.


For subsequent import, example for June 2019, if the accounts code remains the same for the same supplier, you can leave it blank, the system will automatically picked from the last accounts code of the same supplier


FAQ : Click here
1.What if there are new supplier that is not in the supplier master list?


The missing list will display and user has to create the new supplier first before importing again.

2.What if there is a duplicate of supplier invoice?


Answer : System will skip the record and will not post into the system




Alternatively, consider PEPPOL e-invoice



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