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If you want to speed up your data entry or providing book-keeping service, or you have a backlog of entries, you can very quickly record the sales in an excel template in each rows and do a batch import into the Sales journal.

Download a blank template in the sales journal, enter the daily sales of each customer, the amount , invoice number and date of invoice.
Do a batch import and all entries will be recorded.

: How to import weekly sales from excel template


At [A/c Entry] , click [Sales Journal]

Step 1: Click [Template] to download the excel spreadsheet into your external storage space or your preferred folder.

Step 2: In this example, the template is stored in an external drive with a file name [Sales Journal Template] . Click [Save]

Step 3: Open up the template and start to enter the sales invoices into the template of customercode, Entrydate (invoice date) , reference number, invoice amount (before tax).
            Double click to display column [D] [F] and [G]


 Column [F] can be ignored. For Professional plan user only

 Column A (CustomerCode) or column E (AccountCode) can be small cap or Cap

 Once complete, click [Save As] with a different file name, example [ Sales Journal Template May 2019]


Step 4: At the [Sales Journal] , click [Import] followed by selecting the file [Sales Journal Template May 2019]


If you see a message below , click on [Missing List]


If your sales have foreign currency, make sure the exchange rate is set in the currency rate table for the month of May 2019 or you may manually enter into the currency Rate column


Fill in the missing information and import again. Click [Save]

The sales are successfully imported.

In the month of June 2019, you can leave out the account code whereas the system will auto replace with the last posted sales account of the same customer.



1.What if there are new customer that is not in the customer master list?

The system will prompt and skip this record. Go to customer master to add in this new customer and repeat step 4 again.



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