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You can prepare your suppliers' opening balance in an excel template and import into Realtimme Cloud Purchase Journal module.

This will be useful when you have hundreds or thousands of records of suppliers' outstanding bills as at your cut-off date.

If your current system can export your suppliers' aging to excel spreadsheet, you can copy and paste the information into the respective column

: How to import your supplier opening balances using excel template


Step 1: At [A/c Entry], click [Purchase Journal]


Step 2: Click [ OB Template ] to download a Supplier OB template in excel spreadsheet. (You can upload to Google Sheet and work from there and download again in .xlxs format)


Step 3: Select your external drive , download and save the file [Supplier Opening Balance] or any name of your choice

Step 4: For illustration purpose, assuming supplier [HO001] have 11 invoices outstanding as per below.
Enter the relevant information into each column of each supplier outstanding records or copy and paste from your current accounting system (in excel) . Save the file and see Step 5.


Step 5: Save the updated template with a different name, example [ Supplier Opening Balance (1) ]

Step 6: Click [ OB Import ] to import all suppliers' outstanding balances into the Purchase Journal, following that repeat Step 5 to choose the updated file.


The first supplier outstanding was successfully imported. Continue with the next supplier opening balances.








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