Customer Master - Hide (Inactive) a Customer account

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Customer's account may not be active after a while or ceased to have any business activities with your company.

: How to hide inactive customer account

As part of housekeeping, customer that are no more active or no more business activity with your company, you can move them away from the active customer accounts

On a condition that :
Customer's aging balance must be zero, i.e. there must not be any amount owing by the customer.

Tick the [Hide] ( or previously known as [inactive] ) box to move this customer to the inactive tab.


At the customer master, this customer account will be moved to the [Hide] tab as shown below.


FAQ: Can the history of this customer still be retrieved? Yes

        Can the inactive be revert back to active? Yes, remove the tick and the customer account will be reinstated.

        Will the customer ledger activities still be printed out if inactive? Yes



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