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For Business owner or Accountant of the company use only.

Once your monthly or yearly accounts is finalised and reported to the management or auditor, lock your accounts until the last day of the accounts. This will ensure that the figures will not be amended or new records added after the month end. All users will not be able to add, edit or delete any transactions on or before the lock date.

: Lock date

Step 1: At [ Setup ], select [ Company Profile ]




To lock Accounts Transaction Date (after each month's closing or GST closing)


As of 12/05/2020

Lock Date Ac - Combined previous Lock date-GL/AR/AP into one single lock date control

Lock Date - Billing is applicable to Premium Plan user with inventory system


If any attempt to add or edit an earlier posted record(transaction), a message below will appear,




Lock your date after you have completed your monthly or yearly reporting

1. GST report

2. Bank reconciliation

3. After printing your monthly profit and loss and balance sheet




(Note: Please ensures that only authorised personnel are allowed access to the company profile menu)

           See User Group Control for Rights and access of the program


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