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If you are a corporate service provider with multiple company accounts, click on the dropdown arrow and select the company account you want to login to        


1.If you are a new subscriber (business owner or appointed user)  to Realtimme Cloud...Read More...

  You will receive an email from our support team, of your default id [1@your_company_name]  and password [1] .    


Assuming your company is Effective Corporate Services Pte Ltd      





Your company sign up 25 clients account, there  will be your company with 25 drop down options as shown below. Assuming you select 002



Select the next blank company accounts (for illustration, to select 002)



You will see the company name as [002] in Fig 2 below.




Follow [1] to [8] to create the profile of this company



Repeat the same to login to the next company (See InvoiceNow)


Next Step : Learn how to create your own user id and password




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