Individual and Main account

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Below is an extract of the chart of accounts showing 3 different deposits account




You can create a main deposits account (parent) to and link up the 3 individual accounts (children) to the main account. This is to present the balance sheet in a summarized total


: How to set Main and Individual account


At [Setup] --> Click [Chart of Account]



There are 2 steps, first to create a new main accounts, second, to link the related accounts to this main account.









Below shows some extracts of the chart of accounts that has main account and individual accounts relationship.







Entries are to be posted to individual accounts but not the main accounts(for the purpose of summing up the individual accounts only)



Purpose of main accounts is for printing of financial report of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, where you have the option to print a summary or detailed breakdown of accounts.


Go to Report, General Ledger,







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