Migrate your current COA to Realtimme COA

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If you are switching from your current accounting software to Realtimme Cloud. (Note: This is a one-time exercise only)

And you have an existing chart of accounts in your current system, you wish to retain the code and name when using Realtimme Cloud,
you can migrate and map your chart of accounts to replace the standard chart of accounts in Realtimme Cloud system.

: Step 1 : Prepare your current COA
Step 2: Import and link your current COA to Realtimme Cloud COA

To download a sample template of Chart of accounts...Click here

Follow from [1] to [7]


A screen will appear as below, click [Template] to generate the COA blank excel sheet and download to your folder



After you have download the excel template as per above, follow the 5 steps below.

Step 1: Open the template and prepare your current COA  excel spreadsheet as shown below (2 column of code and name only)
            Alternatively , export from your current accounting software to excel, trim off other column to retain the 2 columns (See Fig 2) as shown.


You may consider to prepare by batch, eg fixed asset COA, followed by current asset COA, then current liabilities COA....Revenue COA, expenses COA

               For illustration purpose, Fig 2 is your current COA                                                                                                                    

Note : If you are using Google Sheet (No Ms_Excel) , you need to download and install this.

          How to remove text from the cell...click here

Step 2 : At [Setup] ,  Chart of Accounts], click [Import]



Step 3: You will see the Realtimme Cloud standard chart of accounts on the 1st 3 column.
            Click [Import]

Step 4: Select (Double click) your excel file as seen in Step 1 (System can read .xls and .xlsx file format)



Step 5 : Click [Save]


You can carry out 3 actions in the mapping. To match, to insert and to inactive the chart of accounts.


Note : is not available in the drop down, it is a special account that cannot be added but only be matched

  Next , learn how to import Trial balance or
Topic 11: Customer balances brought forward (See batch import)

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