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We make the migration easy for you.
You can now export your customer listing from your current accounting system to excel and fit into Realtimme Cloud template to do a mass import into the Customer Master.
Note : Not all information will be imported. We only import commonly used fields. You can edit the record and fill in the rest after your import

: How to import your 10,000 customer listings into Realtimme Cloud?

Step 1: At [Setup], click [Customer Master]




Step 2: Click [Template] to download a Customer listing excel template into your storage drive. (You can upload to Google Sheet and work from there and download again in .xlxs format)



Step 3: Enter the relevant information into each column of each customer or copy and paste from your current accounting system (in excel) . Check with your current vendor how to send to excel.
             Save the file and see Step 4.



Step 4: Return to your customer master, click [Import] button



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FAQ : What if there are fields like fax number , address 4 and address 5 is not in your excel template but we need to import in?

Answer : We import only the common fields, any thing not in the template, please use edit and fill into each account        


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