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You had earlier login,for the first time into the Realtimme cloud system, and created your own id and password followed by your colleague's id and password.


Now, you will need to update the system with your company's address, company registration number or any other relevant information.
Your document header will be printing out your company address, contact number etc based on the information entered here.


: How to update my company profile to print at company letterhead      


For illustration purpose, your company is Sunshine Pte Ltd


At [ Setup ], select [ Company Profile ]




If you are first time here, you will see your preset company company name, click [ Edit ].



At Fig 3, Realtimme customer service team will here...

1.Your company name [1] and
2.Reporting currency [3] and auto updated here.
User cannot change or re-set the reporting currency setting at [3].
3.If your [Reporting Curr ] is not [SGD] , immediately inform (WhatsApp) the Realtimme Support team @ +65 9138 7918

Follow the steps from [1] to [8] .. Learn how to set in your company more....


At [3] : Gain / Loss Details...Read more


For company that transacts in

1.Multi-currencies, cash book (Receipt & Payment) in foreign currencies or
2.Revaluation of all foreign currencies balances,

System will automatically post to Exchange gain/loss into this preset accounts O-E098-1 and Unrealised Exchange Gain/Loss account (O-E099-1)  in the General ledger.


Preset to Exchange Gain / Loss accounts O-E098-1  (see item 5) in the Profit and Loss  when received payment from foreign customer or making payment to foreign supplier


Preset to Exchange Gain / Loss – Unrealised accounts O-E099-1 (see item 5) in the Profit and Loss when revalue the customer, supplier and GL




FAQ : If I change the accounts code, will this setting be automatically changed?

Answer : Yes, it will auto update the setting here. Click here to


At [5]: If your company is GST Registered, enter your GST Registration number.


1.Enter your GST registration number
2.The number will be displayed at the header (as at 15/12/2019)

    Continue with GST filing reminder




3.When printing Customer invoice, the header will appear as below [Tax Invoice] when your GST Reg No. is entered, (See Fig 4)


4.If your company that is not GST Registered no action is required on the field Tax / GST Reg Reg : [                   ], it  will be printed as  [INVOICE] (See Fig 5)





At [6] , Peppol more...


At [7] Learn how to set in your company more....

Next, at [8],  learn how to set your Bank and QR code at Account Setting


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